First time clients 

Before I start your massage treatment we will spend about 10-15 minutes to review your medical and health history, understand what your goals are from the massage, and see what massage best fits your needs.  

Once we complete the intake process I will leave the room and allow you to get undressed to your comfort level, get on the table and cover yourself with the sheets. 

When you are ready I will come back to the room and start the massage treatment .

Returned clients 
Remember the massage is for you 

First of all... welcome back.

We will do a 3-5 minutes review  how you felt after your previous massage treatment, if there is any change to your health and discuss goals for this upcoming treatment.

Once we complete the review I will leave the room, allow you to get undressed and ready for the massage. 
Once you are ready I will come back and start your massage treatment.

I will count on you to tell me during the massage if you would like me to do anything differently. I want to makes sure you get the absolute best service. 

If you reserve a massage at your own place, I have a few small asks:

  • If you have a pet, please make sure it is not in the room where you get your massage, as pets are curious and friendly, and can distract us. 

  • Please make sure there is enough room for me to set the table and place where I can plug in the hot stones as they need to warm up at least 10-15 minutes.

Cancellation policy 

6 hour notice is required when canceling a session. If an appointment is missed without 6 hour notice, the client will be billed for the full amount of the session.


Currently I accept cash only as a method of payment. 

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