How long should my massage session be ?

The length of the session is personal preference. Some people love getting 1.5 hours massage and some prefer 1 hour. If you are not sure start with 1 hour and see how you feel.  You can extend the massage to 1.5 hours during the massage.

Should I get a light or deep massage ?

A relaxation massage is ideal for reducing stress, improving circulation, and regular preventative therapy. Deep tissue massage is ideal for acute muscle pain, injuries  and regular preventative therapy.

We will review your goals and medical history before the massage and it will help you decide. 

In addition, during the massage I feel where the tension in your body is, and will increase or decrease pressure as needed. 

Am I covered during the massage ?

Your full body will be covered with a drape.  I will undrape only the specific area/s I am working on, then redrape the area before moving to another area.  

Can I decide I want to get a massage only in some areas of my body ?

Yes. When we discuss your goals and your medical history you can decide to skip some areas in your body you do not want massaged.  

Do I need to be completely naked during the massage ?

No. You will undress to your comfort level. I do recommend removing any items of clothes for the areas I will work on. Remember you will be covered with the sheets and I will only uncover the areas I am working on. 

Can I have hot stones massage ?

I combine hot stones massage with all my massage treatments. If you decide you do not want hot stones, please let me know up front.  

Can I have someone else in the room during the massage ?

Yes you can.  However, I do ask that you and them refrain from speaking during the massage treatment. 

What if I feel uncomfortable during the massage session ?

I encourage you communicate with me at any time if you feel uncomfortable, or would like me to do anything differently. The massage is for you, and I want to make sure you get the best service possible and feel amazing after. 

Do you accept tips ?

Tips are never necessary, but always appreciated.

Tips are never necessary, but always appreciated.

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