Why do you only offer 90 minutes massage?

I have found that 60 minutes massage is too short and I feel rushed. I want to be able to work on your body with no time pressure and therefore I decided to offer only 90 minutes massage. 

Do you also provide dee tissue massage?

The goal of my massage is to provide complete relaxation of your body and soul, therefore I do not provide deep tissue massage.  My touch is firm and yet gentle and I do not use my elbows to try and penetrate the deep muscles. 

Am I covered during the massage ?

Your full body will be covered with a drape.  I will undrape only the specific area/s I am working on, then redrape the area before moving to another area. If you wish to be uncovered during the massage please let me know. 

What if I have special requests?

If you have any special request please do not hesitate to let me know. I am very respectful of any request you might have. 

Do I need to be completely naked during the massage ?

No. You will undress to your comfort level. 

Can I have hot stones massage ?

I combine hot stones massage with all my massage treatments. If you decide you do not want hot stones, please let me know up front.  

Can I have someone else in the room during the massage ?

Yes you can.  However, I do ask that you and them refrain from speaking during the massage treatment. 

What if I feel uncomfortable during the massage session ?

I encourage you to communicate with me at any time if you feel uncomfortable or would like me to do anything differently, In addition you have a right to stop the massage at any point in time without any reason.  The massage is for you, and I want to make sure you get the best service possible and feel amazing after. 

Do you accept tips ?

Tips are never necessary, but always appreciated.

Tips are never necessary, but always appreciated.

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